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Sunday, December 30, 2012

SEO Trends to look for in 2013

SEO Trends to look for in 2013

Social has always played a role in SEO, but its influence on search engine page results is expected to increase in coming months. For a business, this means integrating social media into daily practices. Get “Likes” on Facebook. Go after “+1s” on Google. Stay active on Twitter and get those Retweets!  It also means creating content that people want to share, and that ties into the next SEO trend for 2013…

People don’t share cruddy content. Yes, everybody already knew that! But now the search engines are also “learning” to be more
discerning. Their algorithms are being adjusted to place higher-quality content above sites that employ archaic or spammy SEO techniques. This is good news for entrepreneurs…it means they can boost their results without having to learn complex SEO tactics.

Search engines – Google in particular - now examine the context of keywords in your overall site. For example, let’s say you operate a site dedicated to donuts, and on this site, you feature one page about a different topic, like cosmetics. Google’s algorithm is getting savvy enough that it may skip over your donut site in favor of one that’s dedicated exclusively to cosmetics. It takes into account the content site-wide. The lesson is to be mindful of your site content and your message. Once you decide on your message, add the appropriate keywords across your site. Tie it all together in a way that makes sense.

It’s a big buzzword these days, and it gives SMBs like your clients a nice nudge above the competition! Localization’s taking over online marketing in general (check out some of the findings from the CMO Council to learn more), but it factors into SEO especially. Remember to use city- or neighborhood-centric keywords in blog posts, social updates and website content. Also advise your clients to make sure there’s a link to their site on Yelp and other business review sites.

Authority links
Okay, so links have always been valuable when it comes to SEO. But with all the emerging emphasis on context and content, people are beginning to realize how important outbound links are. We know inbound links are important to SEO – after all, that’s your traffic! But word on the SEO beat is that outbound links are starting to matter. So add links to sites with authority or credibility, like Wikipedia (see what we did there?).
We hope these up-and-coming SEO trends will help you and your clients prepare for 2013. And no matter what year it is, you can always count on Customer Care if you’ve got any questions!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Please don't do this if you want to succeed in growing your business with social media!

Have you ever been on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and other social media sites and you just want to scream because certain people are constantly throwing up all over you on why you should buy their products?  Post after post after post on "this is the greatest thing since frozen pizza."  Let me ask you a question.  How successful do you think that person's business is?  How many people have you met that do this consistently and successfully acquire and retain new customers?

Well I can tell you from experience that everyone I know that subscribes to this thought are both not successful and normally out of whatever business they're in in no time.  Why?  Quite simple.  It doesn't work!  Period!

There's an old saying that says "people love to buy but they hate to be sold."  How many times have you been to a store, a mall, car dealership, or whatever and you're constantly harassed by someone following you around saying "can I help you."  Now I know it's their job and most of them are on commission but come on folks.  We'll ask when we need help wouldn't you agree?

So why is it that people who detest salespeople who do that to us when we go out do that very same thing on the internet!  Is it because we think "well I'm not in front of them, Ron, so it's different."  Or "they don't have to read it."  Or "they can just ignore it."  Well you're right on all 3 counts.  I'm not in front of them.  And I don't have to read it and I can ignore it; but, what impression do I have of that person if I'm doing these 3 things.  Come on people!

Now, if I'm trying to earn your business wouldn't it be more powerful if I asked a question that prompted thought rather than pleading with someone to buy something.  Hmmmm.  

If I was selling cameras which method do you think gives me more credibility and a better chance at a new customer?  Method A:  "This great camera has all the features you want and I have the best price and all the other brands stink." Method B:  "What are the most important things you look for when purchasing a camera."

Who's being the salesperson and who's being the consultant?  Now let me say this.  I'm not saying never post something about a product or service.  It's perfectly fine to post something that says you have a great product, service or deal.

But remember what I said about people who love to buy but hate to be sold.  And the person that's informative about products/services and not trying to sell them are the ones who are rapidly growing and retaining new customers.   And the one who is constantly selling are the ones who we're blocking and unfriending.

So if you have a business and you're using social media to acquire new customers are you the one that people look forward to seeing their posts or are you the one that people are blocking?  Think about it.