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Friday, November 16, 2012

4 powerful reasons why marketing on the internet won't work for your business

Am I hearing this guy correctly?  Is he actually saying marketing a business on the internet won't work?  That's exactly what I'm saying; HOWEVER, let me explain.

Like any method of marketing there are do's and don'ts you have to abide by that can make or break
your marketing.  Guess what.  Internet marketing is no different!

So what are these so called reasons, Ron, is talking about why internet marketing won't work.

1.  Belief.  

Yep.  I said it.  If I don't believe that the solution I'm putting together is going to work then guess what.  It
probably won't.  Why?  Because if I'm not putting my heart and soul into something I want to change my
business it's going to show and the efforts I've made are pretty much useless.  Let me give you an example.  Let's take 2 landscaping companies.  I'm looking to hire a landscaper so I begin my search.  I find landscpaper A and he/she has a professional website with beautiful,pictures, powerful testimonials, an informative blog and other relevant content.  Landscaper B, who was recommended, has a one page site that says "this is us" but has spelling errors, no pictures and content that hasn't been updated in 2 years.  Do you think landscaper B really believes his/her on line presence is helping them?
And if I'm the customer even though Landscaper B was recommended do you think I'm feeling pretty
pretty good about that company.  Just remember folks.  A recommendation is great but people still check out companies.  Even if they're recommended!

2.   Bad  Service and Support

Ron, I tried internet marketing but got nothing and the only way I got help was if I paid somebody a fortune to help me.  Sound familiar?  Folks, if you don't have a good support team behind you that can guide you and assist whenever you need them then this could be a black hole for you.

That's the bad news.  The good news is there a wonderful companies (mine being one by the way) that provide phenomenal support at very reasonable rates.

3.   Using the wrong tools

What in the world do you mean, Ron?  Folks, there's an old saying.  FREE HAS NO VALUE!  If it's free there's a reason why it's free.  And that reason likely is IT DOESN'T WORK!  In all the years I've done this I've never seen a free solution that took a business to the next level.  And if it's free the tools/concepts behind the solution are likely garbage.  If they weren't do you think they would  be free?

4.   Not giving it time

Folks, no marketing solution works overnight.  If you don't give something time then you're wasting your money.

I love it when someone says my website has been up for weeks now and I haven't gotten any new customers.  Are you serious?  So if I had a billboard on the interstate that said "Free money" and nobody
called in the first couple of weeks but 50 people called in week 5 did that solution not work?  Come on
people!   Every marketing effort needs time.

So those are my reasons why an internet marketing/website solution WON'T work for you.  Obviously most of us know the future of business is on line but I hope this opens your eyes a little.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

5 things to keep in mind with your marketing trends

2012 Marketing Trends

I caught this article earlier and thought I would share.  This woman nails it and it's something we as business owners should all be doing.  We at Moneynet Marketing are very much on board with what she says with our internet marketing and website solutions.  Enjoy the article!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

So what is the big deal now with mobile websites?  Why are so many businesses putting so much stock in them?  What's changed in the our world where this has become a must?   Well maybe these facts share the story.

1.  25% of mobile users expect to search the internet once a day through their mobile devices.
2.  On line retailers have shown that there are 3.5 average visits without mobile optimization as compared to
     6.5 average visits with mobile optimization.
3.  Studies show that consumers are 51% more likely to do business with a company that has a mobile
4.  Mobile users are 88% more likely to do business with auto dealers that have a mobile presence.  61% of
     florists, 62% of furniture stores, 47% of clothing stores, 35% of hardware stores and 32% of restaurants
     are more likely to get a new customer than a non mobile business
5.  Between 2/2009 and 8/2011 mobile browsing grew by 1000%.  Yes, I said 1000%!

So the question is why are there still so many businesses not taking advantage of this obvious cash cow?  Especially small businesses!  All I can say is this.  If your internet marketing/website solution is not using this incredible tool NOW is the time to get it.  Your business can't afford not to.

Ron Catron
THE leader in internet marketing/website solutions for small businesses