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Monday, April 15, 2013

Top 7 Tips to Increase your Web Presence

Top 7 Tips To Increase Your Web Presence

search-engine-300x260In an interactive world led by Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Blogs, maintaining a strong web presence can seem overwhelming.
There is no exception to the fact that whoever is holding a website needs a better traffic. However, promoting your website or content on the social website would not be enough to generate high traffic. If your website presence is not up to the mark or updated then it might face the heat of low traffic.
If you built your website a few years ago it’s time for an update, if for no other reason than the fact that usage patterns have changed dramatically. It’ expected that within two-three years the mobile users will surpass desktop users.
That means your website is unlikely to be as effective a marketing tool as it once was, especially if your site doesn’t automatically resize and rearrange the content for all possible devices. In response to that, this blog will share 7 killer tips to increase web presence so as to achieve what you wish.

1. Go Mobile

The time has come when you need to shift your websites to mobile phones, especially, smart phones and tablets.  You need to reassemble your technology, so as to make a new graphic layout that works effortlessly both in mobile phones and desktop.

2. Update Your Content

Attracting your customers with valuable, compelling and updated content is a perfect way to indirectly promote your brand while illustrating your expertise. When done properly, you build a relationship with your prospects and you become an “expert” who they can rely on the future for advise, services, or products. If you capture their attention with some beneficial and updated information, your audience will be engaged and therefore they will increase the amount of time they spend on your site.
Most importantly, make sure to use a content management system (CMS) that makes it easy for you to make your own updates. The appropriate CMS will make managing content as swift as using a web browser.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization, is the process of increasing the visibility of your website through natural search results. By providing updated content on your website, using commonly searched items, and offering links to both your website and applicable external websites, the more frequently your site will show up in search results – thus increasing your web presence .

4. Don’t Overload the Information

Overloading the information would never give you the true response. Your site visitors need to be guided down a path and that becomes insanely hard to do, if you provide them with a large number of starting points. Remember, that when visitors are coming to your website, you can’t let them go just after viewing your landing page.
Obviously, you expect them to go deeper and browse your website. Don’t think that your users are illiterate or they have no knowledge about their wants. Visitors already know what they are looking for; and instead of providing numerous and unwanted information, try to focus on your particular product and service so as to make them more comfortable.

5. Review Your Site

Find some time to write up reviews for your company on major review networks. For example, you run a hospital; there are several sites that review best hospital in the country or world. Or else, you can also ask other review sites to write a review about your site. Just know that once your review is up, you will start see people visiting your site through this on a consistent basis.

6. Implement Analytics

Measuring the success of your website is really important to enhance your web presence. That is why you need to use some kind of analytics software that gives you an insight into your efforts. Using analytics, you can track the following things:
  • The number of visitors to your site
  • The time spend by the visitors
  • Which page they follow the most
  • From where they are coming

7. Be the Controller

If you want to hire freelancer for your layout design and development service, then make sure you choose a CMS that you can understand and update yourself. Like that you can have full control over the content, even, when there will be any conflict with the freelancer.
Today in the era of internet, your web presence defines you in front of your clients. Hence, making your web presence is an important tool to display profoundly. And for that you need to follow the above 7 tips to bolster your internet presence.

PS:  Very interesting article written by Linda.  

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Why being at the top of the search engines could be killing your business!

Top of Google and top domain name but still no calls?

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Top of Google and top domain name but still no calls?

Seems the Midas touch is true when it comes to Internet marketing in Bangkok as it is anywhere.
So you have the top keyword domain name for your business and you are top of Google but you feel cheated because the phones not ringing! Be careful what you wish for.
Most businesses, when asked what they want from Internet marketing, they ask to be Number one on Google, yet what they should be asking for is:
To be branded as a leader and a go to person
Well if you are top of Google now and you are not getting calls seems you paid a SEO company to fiddle with your keywords and now you have been manipulated to the top of the Google search pages and didn’t you feel good for a while! Then after ringing a few friends and a visit to an obscure Internet cafĂ© to check that their PC’s have the same search engine results as yours, you cannot understand why you are not inundated with leads.
Here’s probably why:
Clever manipulative SEO people can trick search engines and use pay per click can get a really dull website to the top of search engines quickly, all we online marketing people have to do is make sure the keywords in the code align with the keywords in the body, description and title and pick a low competition keyword and Robert is your Father’s brother. The Internet population click and leave your website as fast as they arrived because:
You have no real content!
Search engines can now read and they even can see overuse of any keyword they even go as far as looking for synonyms to your main keyword. Search engines can also see how many people have shared it on social media sites. They can also see how many links back from authority sites and sites that have subject matter not a million miles away from your own.
Point is and I have been screaming about this for years now.
Stop worrying about search engine robots and worry about people, give them what they want, which is information, Blog away once twice a week, people love consistency and they love that you are not always in the face selling, you are helping them to find what it is they were looking for. By doing this people will love you and digital marketing is all about giving.
Blog like you just don’t care,  well you shouldn’t care about search engines because search engine robots haven’t got any money!!  if you write with passion the right keywords are splashed across the page naturally, and people will share great information on social media, keep at it and forget about a ROI and KPI’s you will see it soon enough, just don’t quit! It takes around 30 blogs spread over two years to start branding yourself and becoming a leader in your field.
Tell people in your blogs how you do stuff, and how what you do is different from everyone else, share your knowledge, write about indirect stuff that and show your character,r after all people buy people and you can establish a great rapport. This is branding!
I receive around 4-8 leads a month direct to Social media or my email direct because I blog and have been doing so every week since 2007. My phone bill is less than $20 a month!
What would 4-8 extra leads a month mean to your business? to find out how to do this for yourself contact Netmediathailand

PS:  This article was written by Alan Johnston who's an online marketing trainer and has done work for Yahoo and other big businesses but I wanted to share because it is very powerful.