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Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Crawlers Rise!

The Crawlers Rise

We don't want to startle you with talk of a robot uprising or anything, but there's a highly intelligent technological presence right under your that's getting smarter and smarter all the time.
Yes, we're talking about the search crawlers.  As programmers develop progressively more intricate and refined algorithms, businesses must step up their SEO optimization to secure their place in the search rankings. Obviously, it's a complex process; that's why SEO has become an industry unto itself in recent years (and why we've added scalable SEO services as an add-on to our solution!). We can look at the crawlers from two different camps: the creative side, and the technical side.

On the creative side, you've got to contend with marketing content. Crawlers are developed with the purpose of helping users zero in on content that is most relevant for their specific needs - the better the crawlers are at that, the more loyal a user is to that particular search engine. So it's more important than ever for your current and prospective clients to keep their site content clean, clear, and high-quality! Keyword clutter could actually drive crawlers away, which is to say nothing of the simple fact that nobody likes visiting sites whose pages are so packed with content that they are overwhelming or confusing. Experts in the marketing game are discovering that, if nothing else, there is no benefit to sacrificing coherence and integrity for the sake of packing in as many search terms as possible. It's that same old elementary axiom that turns up so many times in life: Quality is more important than quantity.

But then there's the technical side of those search crawlers. See, crawlers have become clever enough that they can actually weed out sites with messy or superfluous code, thereby bumping them from their search rankings. SEO experts offer differing reasons for this, but if you ask us, everything seems to loop back to one simple rationale:disruptive code inhibits conversions. That's pretty much the opposite of everything we want to accomplish.

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