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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

10 Ways to use Twitter to Market your business

Note:  This is a blog I read but it's so good I wanted to share on my website.

Twitter is an excellent internet marketing tool when used correctly. These 10 ways to use Twitter will help you get the results you are looking for. It will take some time to build up your followers so don’t look at Twitter as a quick fix.
1. The best way to gain followers on Twitter is by sharing information that is valuable and/or entertaining. If you send your followers to crappy articles they will unfollow you or just ignore your posts altogether.  Either way you lose.  
2. Another way to use Twitter is by using hashtags to get your tweets seen by more people. I need to do a better job of this. But you also have the other extreme of an entire tweet being nothing but hashtags.
See how the most popular people you follow use hashtags.
3. Twitter can be great way to get traffic to your blog or website. I share links to my blog everyday. The key is you just can’t send tweets that always send people to your blog or website.
Find things to tweet about other than just your niche every now and then.
4. Reply to as many tweets of people that follow you as you can. If they ask you a question be sure to follow up. Reply to the tweets of popular Twitter users. If you reply with something interesting and others read it you can pick up additional followers.
5. Some business people connect their Twitter account to their LinkedIn account. I have not personally done that. I like to keep my stuff separate.
I don’t want everything I put Twitter to show up on LinkedIn or vice versa. Just me being such a private person. I don’t connect Twitter to Facebook either for the same reason. You have to decide how you want to do this.
6. I touched on this a little bit earlier but always respond to anyone that responds to your messages. I check the connect tab to see if anyone has responded to my tweets at least once a day.
I am also looking to see who retweeted my tweets. I try to send a thank you to as many as I can. That way hopefully they will retweet some more of my stuff. Having your tweets retweeted is a great way to gain a few followers.
7. You want to make it clear to everyone that you are a real person. You can do this by following up and retweeting. Also you can use Twitter to let people know about seminars and workshops that are happening online and offline.
8. Don’t always be about business on Twitter. Check Google News to see if there are some interesting things to let your followers know about. Quotes are always good. Everyone likes quotes.
I do book reviews on my blog and I will take interesting quotes from the books and use them on Twitter.
9. Don’t go crazy tweeting. I will unfollow someone in a heartbeat that sends out 10 tweets in a minute or two. Usually these are promoting 10 different products. It’s crazy, don’t do that.
I can’t give you the correct number to send out each day because there is not one. But 10 tweets in a minute is not the way to do it.
For one thing you want as many people as possible to see your tweets. The best way to do this is to space your tweets out. People are using Twitter at different times of the day.
10. One last tool to that I have started using lately is Just Retweet. There is a free and paid version JustRetweet. Doesn’t matter which one you use. You can get people to retweet your tweets based on a points system. You can get points by retweeting other people’s tweets or you can buy points.
Just go check it out. I have picked up lots of new followers since I started using it. But don’t retweet crazy stuff just to get points.
There are probably many other ways to use Twitter that I have missed. There are a ton of paid tools you can use. I have about 15,000 followers and I got most of them the old fashioned way, one at a time.
Following others… Putting out good tweets…Getting them to follow me from my blog…retweeting other tweets… getting other people to retweet me, etc.
Good luck!

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