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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Why aren't more people calling me when I'm ranking on the first page of Google! Here's one big reason why.

"The internet is just not for me and my business!  Plain and simple.  I spent all this money to get on the first page of Google and I'm not getting any meaningful business.  Whoever came up with this idea that you have to be at the top of the search engines is just nuts!"  

How many of you have heard this?  Better yet.  How many of you have said this?  Could it be true?  Well, Ron, everyone has told me that where people go for information is on the internet.  The Yellow Pages are a thing of the past.  We know that.  I don't want to spend a fortune on radio, tv or a billboard.  So if that's the case and the internet is where everyone goes why am I not getting more inquiries for my products/services?  This has become a popular question and a very good one that deserves a good answer.

Now I could on and on with all the technical reasons why you're not getting results (bad website, poor content, etc.) but when all is said and done there is one simple answer that can make all the difference in the world.   2 words.  MOBILE WEBSITE.

What do you mean, Ron?  People can still find me searching through their phones.  I still show up on page one of Google.  Oh really.  You mean that website with microscopic print that even with a magnifying glass you can't read?  Is that the site you want me to browse around on?  And let's say for argument sake I do.  I can't navigate through the site because every time I try to go to another page the darn link is so small I press something else on the site.  Darn it!  This is just too frustrating. I'm outta here!

Folks you think I'm kidding but for those of you who have smartphones don't tell me you've never experienced that.  And in this day and age with so many options to choose from I'm not going to waste a lot of time on a site I can't navigate around on.  Let's face it.  People are impatient and we want simple!  How many of you have actually paid more for a product through a mobile device even though you knew there was another site where you could buy that same product from and for cheaper but it just wasn't convenient?  Folks, it happens.  And with the experts forecasting that in the next few years over 80% of all goods/services are going to be purchased through mobile devices you better get on board or you're going to be left behind!

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