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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Why being at the top of the search engines could be killing your business!

Top of Google and top domain name but still no calls?

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Top of Google and top domain name but still no calls?

Seems the Midas touch is true when it comes to Internet marketing in Bangkok as it is anywhere.
So you have the top keyword domain name for your business and you are top of Google but you feel cheated because the phones not ringing! Be careful what you wish for.
Most businesses, when asked what they want from Internet marketing, they ask to be Number one on Google, yet what they should be asking for is:
To be branded as a leader and a go to person
Well if you are top of Google now and you are not getting calls seems you paid a SEO company to fiddle with your keywords and now you have been manipulated to the top of the Google search pages and didn’t you feel good for a while! Then after ringing a few friends and a visit to an obscure Internet café to check that their PC’s have the same search engine results as yours, you cannot understand why you are not inundated with leads.
Here’s probably why:
Clever manipulative SEO people can trick search engines and use pay per click can get a really dull website to the top of search engines quickly, all we online marketing people have to do is make sure the keywords in the code align with the keywords in the body, description and title and pick a low competition keyword and Robert is your Father’s brother. The Internet population click and leave your website as fast as they arrived because:
You have no real content!
Search engines can now read and they even can see overuse of any keyword they even go as far as looking for synonyms to your main keyword. Search engines can also see how many people have shared it on social media sites. They can also see how many links back from authority sites and sites that have subject matter not a million miles away from your own.
Point is and I have been screaming about this for years now.
Stop worrying about search engine robots and worry about people, give them what they want, which is information, Blog away once twice a week, people love consistency and they love that you are not always in the face selling, you are helping them to find what it is they were looking for. By doing this people will love you and digital marketing is all about giving.
Blog like you just don’t care,  well you shouldn’t care about search engines because search engine robots haven’t got any money!!  if you write with passion the right keywords are splashed across the page naturally, and people will share great information on social media, keep at it and forget about a ROI and KPI’s you will see it soon enough, just don’t quit! It takes around 30 blogs spread over two years to start branding yourself and becoming a leader in your field.
Tell people in your blogs how you do stuff, and how what you do is different from everyone else, share your knowledge, write about indirect stuff that and show your character,r after all people buy people and you can establish a great rapport. This is branding!
I receive around 4-8 leads a month direct to Social media or my email direct because I blog and have been doing so every week since 2007. My phone bill is less than $20 a month!
What would 4-8 extra leads a month mean to your business? to find out how to do this for yourself contact Netmediathailand

PS:  This article was written by Alan Johnston who's an online marketing trainer and has done work for Yahoo and other big businesses but I wanted to share because it is very powerful.  

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