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Monday, May 20, 2013

Role of Social Networking Websites in Blogging

Role of Social Networking Websites in Blogging

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Blogging is an easy way to express your views and reach out to the world. People usually connect with blogs and their content as they do not preach. The language of blogs is mostly in simple English and easy going which further helps people to connect with the blog content easily. Another form of social media is social networking websites. These websites help you to build social network, connect with new friends, keep in touch with old friends, build social relations among people, etc.
Nowadays social networking sites not only help you connect with other people but they also help in various other business and non-business related matters. These sites also have a role to play in blogging. So let’s learn how can social networking sites help you in blogging and what is the role of social networking sites in blogging.
1) Make your blog visible
As a new (or even experienced) blogger you would need to make people aware of your blog. You would need some way, route, or source to make people notice your blog. Social networking sites help you do just that. These sites make your blog visible to the web world.
2) Promote your blog content
Visibility or awareness of a blog’s existence is not sufficient always. It might not always get you the desired result and make your blog successful. You need to promote your blog to people. Social networking sites allow you to promote your blog. Some sites allow you to post blog entries by which your blog gets more exposure. You can also choose and promote to the desired public only.
3) Drive traffic to your blog
Your blog may not be very SEO friendly and you may not see much traffic directed to your blog through search engines. This is when social networking sites can help you drive traffic to your blog. You can build links in your networking profile which will direct traffic to your blog thus helping to increase traffic in your blog.
4) Increase your page rank in Search Engines
Social networking sites allow you to build quality links to your blog in their own site. These links can make your blog more SEO friendly and can help increase your page rank in search engines. This in turn increases traffic in your blog as traffic is directed through the search engines to your blog.
5) Reach out to your existing and potential followers
Social networking sites can help you reach out to people who have been following your blogs and have been interested and appreciative of your blogging. You can also get in touch with a big number of people who can turn into followers of your blog through these networking sites.
Social networking sites have become an important part of our lives as they help us to remain connected with people and events as well as many other things. Hence, these sites can have a major role to play in making your blog a success and turning you into a successful and popular blogger.

*This blog was written by me but by a woman who gets it.  I found it very interesting and wanted to share.  

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